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Rodeo Houston Post Cook Off Recovery!

Rodeo Houston Post Cook Off Recovery!

stop by after the Rodeo Houston Cook Off for your Recovery IV and Detox! Bring your Cook Off ticket and get 20% off treatment!   From FEB. 22 - 24, 2018 More than 250 teams, led by barbecue aficionados, compete in the World's Championship...

My Legs are Hungover!

Congratulations to all the Houston Chevron Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon participants! How are your legs today, a little wobbly?, can't stand too long?, swollen knees?, soreness? Come in for a recovery IV Treatment. Our Athletic IV will replenish electrolytes,...

Congratulations Houston Astros – 2017 World Champions

  What's better than the Astros winning the World Series!? Celebrating without getting a hangover! [ no proposal required πŸ˜‰ ] Give us a call to get your IV booked today and get 25% off a TKO Hangover! (limited time)

Vitamin C and Antibiotic Combo Can Kill Cancer Cells

Vitamin C and Antibiotic Combo Can Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers have shown that a combination of antibiotics and Vitamin C can destroy cancer stem cells before they promote the growth of fatal tumors. "The research showed that vitamin C is upwards of 10 times more effective at halting cancer cell growth than other...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Unofficial Sponsors of the Annual H-Town Countdown THE H-TOWN COUNTDOWN Houston's #1 New Year's Eve Party Event Now in its 4th year! This premium, all-inclusive event at mega-club Silver Street Studio flaunts a slew of the finest in entertainment – from 80’s glam...

The Green Mile

The Green Mile

Thursday March 17th, 11am-2am! Hangover Houston will be discounting treatments on March 18th to Green Mile Participants at 25% OFF!   TIME SCHEDULE: Capitol Bar – 11am – 11pm Mongoose versus Cobra – 11am – 2am Leon’s Lounge – 11am – 2am Traffic Lounge – 2pm –...

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